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Management Personnel

Arnel S. De Silos              Architect

Bianca Isabel M. De Silos   Architect


Technical Personnel

Bianca Ysabel Guya           Architect  

Earl Ezikiel Ubiña             Architect

Anna Camille Fernandez   Architect

Alyssa Meryll Labsang       Architect

Meagan Marie Cruz          Architect

Administrative Personnel

Vergel D. Silava               Office Administrator

Vanessa G. Pascual          Site Administrator


The foundation of the Husband and wife tandem Arnel & Bea De Silos, comes from their experience in Singapore on international architecture and construction.  This exposed them to global trends and latest technologies. In 2010, the tag team set foot in the Philippines and established the firm.

ABDS Builders is an architectural, interior, landscape design and construction firm that offers expertise to facilitate conceptualization and space planning with production of computer-generated 3D renditions, to design development and detailing using innovative visualization and presentation tools, a database of modern materials, furniture and construction systems. The company's expertise is centered both in the residential and commercial sectors of the design build industry, with projects varying from custom built homes, and residential renovations, to interior alterations.

Specializing in intimate space planning, the firm ensures top quality design solutions custom-made from healthy relationship with a client, where its needs and wants are understood, and ideas are developed from the ground up. By top quality we mean efficient, cost-effective and innovative designs creating spaces that reflect the client’s visions, culture and corporate objectives.

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